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Photographs, of places I have visited throughout my travels. 


Animals, flowers, butterlies, and other things found in nature.

What Do You See?

While working on the layout of my most recent book Not Always Blue, I was inspired to take my photographs of the sky and manipulate them to create inkblots, or as I like to call them, sky blots. After a year, I am still constantly adding to this collection, and I plan to begin working on the layout of my next book. I always love to hear what people see in these images. 

Fine Art Gallery

Bellow you will find galleries of my different projects. I use both digital and analog black and white. Digital images are edited and printed by me on arrista fine art paper in Lustre or Metallic Lustre paper. I develop all my film and create each print in the darkroom. All photographs below are available for purchase in different sizes Please contact me for more details.  

* Please click on slide show to view the full image.

The Lonely Hour

My series, The Lonely Hour, is digital images that question whether or not we are ever truly alone.




We've Been Expecting You

The final photo of the slide show is the first photo in a new series that I am currently working on. Like The Lonely Hour, this series also questions the idea of the presence of spirits or ghosts "living" amongst the vital. 


One of the hardest things to do is look at your imperfections, no matter how tiny they may be. This series of photographs are close ups of my own imperfections edited to show how I view them, compared to how others may see them. Paperback book available for purchase for $10 plus S&H.

From Windows to Mirrors

Our eyes are a mysterious, beautiful, creation unique to each individual. They give us the ability to connect with the people we meet, and view this ever-changing world we live in. They are our lenses in which we adjust to see the details of our surroundings we choose to notice. They are also the window to our soul. The idea of eyes being windows to the soul is where this project originated. My original intent for this project was to take a glimpse into the souls of my subjects, and show the beauty of the individuality of each person’s eye. Using my macro filter, I have been taking extreme close ups, filling the frame with the details of each subject’s eye. As I continued with the project I came to realize that these portraits of windows were also becoming mirrors. Instead of seeing glimpses of the soul, I was seeing reflections of what they saw. Through these mirrors, my portraits of others have also become portraits of myself. 

Venice Beach

Venice Beach, is a collection of black and white portraits of strangers I have met during my visits to the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. I look for the beauty in strangers and I’m fascinated by the unusual and overlooked. Walking up to a stranger and asking them to allow me to do something that most people are uncomfortable with, is inspiring. By them giving me permission to take their picture, it allows me the opportunity to show the world the beauty in the details of their face, and perhaps a glimpse into their soul.

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